Yeticoin Discount

What’s up? Coach Bergen here with another awesome discount for ya! You’re probably aware that we accept the crypto currency FrogeX and now we’re going to be accepting a newer crypto currency I’m learning about called YetiCoin! 

While it’s not ecodefi, it’s helping encourage fitness across the country and maybe even the world. It’s super cheap so you can get millions for pennies, maybe a few dollars. Much like the discount for FrogeX, we’re going to hop over one of the zeros after the decimal point, rounded up to the next 1. This will continue until Yeticoin reaches a dollar each. 

This is best used for the purchase of a gift card due to gas fees and the costs of the programs. So when you’re ready for your purchase, send Yeticoin to my wallet address:


*Be sure to screenshot your send and then email your screenshot along with your order and you’ll receive it within 24 hours (within a 3/4 hour time frame generally)


It is recommended by myself that to get the most out of your Yeticoin at to buy gift cards (since there’s small Eth fees for sending)