FrogeX Discount!

What’s up? Coach Bergen here with another awesome offer for ya!

How would you like to get these awesome programs for up to 90% off? is accepting FrogeX at the current rate of $0.00001 as opposed to its current value which is about 30% lower ($0.0000076) when I write this example. 

To try and simplify this:

Round up to where it removes a zero.


This offer will be available until FrogeX reaches $0.001 and is simple enough to do. 

Send Coach your FrogeX to the wallet address: 



and then email a screenshot to

Please also include what you are purchasing and your order will be received within 24 hours (usually much sooner I promise)

 It is recommended by myself that to get the most out of your FrogeX at to buy gift cards (since there’s small Eth fees for sending)